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Probably there is no man who does not know what kind of game angry birds. Before the advent of the game, many people thought that the game is not all office interesting and boring. But this game was able to completely change the way the office games.The game Angry Birds was developed fairly well-known Finnish company Rovio Mobile December 10, 2009. This date is very significant for the company, due to the popularity of the game angry birds, which increased daily.At the beginning of the game specially designed for OS Apple iOS, but later, at the request of its platform changed to the most popular.And starting in 2011, play angry birds online can be a latest OS Google Chrome.During its existence, Angry Birds has received a perfect score in the world and has been translated into various languages. With popularity of this game has brought us unprecedented income, as at the beginning of the game you can download it just for the money. With the passage of time on the Internet appeared and free versions. Then even become possible to play angry birds online. Just needed to find a site that offers this feature. Angry Birds main genre is a "puzzle." From pre-roll to the game can be seen that the game is a struggle between the green pigs and birds. Pigs steal the eggs of birds, and then they are "exasperated" and decided to fight back."Angry Birds" - frightened pigs and pigs began to hide their eggs in a variety of modular buildings, which were saddling of ice, sand, wood and other scrap materials. Army of birds endowed with superhuman abilities that allow them to deliver a heavy blow to the buildings pigs.Gameplay is simple: using a slingshot you should run bird advance figure out the trajectory of the birds so that as much as possible to cause damage to the enemy installations. When all the pigs will be destroyed, the level is passed. The game big bonus system, which has a "super-hit" and extra points. In the passing game, you will see more than 20 birds with their various super attacks and still discover many levels.Exciting gameplay of this game is surprising easy to operate and its plot. If you do not want download the game on your computer, you can play angry birds online. Now a lot of different websites provide such an opportunity.If you have any mobile device and an internet connection, you will be able to spare time to play angry birds online right from there. But if the Internet is not the Internet, it is possible to download this game on your mobile device, and then install it. But it is necessary that the mobile device supports this file format.

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