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Among computer entertainment are very common so-called casual games. They differ in that they are designed for a wide range of users. They can play a chance to "kill time." In order to learn their rules and characteristics do not need long-term training. Start a game anyone can at any time.One of the most popular games of this genre - three in a row. In connection with the development of the Internet, many prefer to play in Game 3 in a row online. In this case, the ancestor of the game in non-computer version is descended from the time of antiquity. The playing field for this game found by archaeologists. But since Newton became interested in science this game.In the early seventies, the Japanese created a computer version of the game, which was the beginning of all other incarnations of her computer. A computer version of the game there is a huge amount. Very popular game "Treasures of Montezuma" in which the main character - the archaeologist Emily Jones has to solve the puzzle to get to the Lost City of the Aztecs. Soon after its release the game "Treasures of Montezuma" was recognized as one of the best computer games of its genre. She is well known in the Internet and is one of the most popular versions of the game online 3 in a row.In addition to "Life Story" is well known game Luxor which has several versions. In this game, the user must destroy the chips of the same color, they have the same system of ranks. If this udaetsya, balls explode. This is also one of the most common variants of the game 3 in a row online.But such games can successfully play on your computer, without having access to the Internet. Many options are created for a long time, still in high demand. Perhaps the most widespread game in the series is a computer game ball. She first appeared in 1994 and has not been forgotten yet. Moreover, there are more regular and new versions. In fact, this is the classic version of this entertainment is available for all ages and for all skill levels. It spawned a lot of clones and imitations. This game exists on all operating systems.Each person can choose to play online 3 in any of a number of variations of this game. In addition to these three versions, there are many more such games, which differ in graphics, game rules and features. But they all have a lot in common, which is noticeable even inexperienced player. Because they are based on the idea of ​​a single game, known since antiquity.

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Game 3 in a row. Play free online games, three in a row.

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