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Among the popular computer games on the Internet can be seen very mnogoigr puzzles. And this is understandable. These puzzles are among, taknazyvaemyh casual games that people can play on a case by case basis.After playing one of them, he goes to another game, then the third and takprodolzhaet long as he has time and opportunity to play.Puzzle games are important differences between them, but some of them are grouped pozhanram and species, creating an entire family. One such series raspolagaetsyavokrug famous game "" three in a row. '" The most famous games are variantompodobnoy beads are well known since godovdvadtsatogo ninetieth century. Having put three balls in a row, the player blows them poluchaetochki. You can bet, and four and five balls.In addition to this game is well known, "" Treasures of Montezuma "," built on pohozhemuprintsipu. In this game there is a story associated with poiskamitainstvennogo ancient city, in which there are great treasures. As already mentioned, it is not necessarily the balls in the game collapsed posleustanovki only three in a row. Number of balls in the chain, which can be any neobhodimopostroit. For example, a very popular game four elementanuzhno construct the minimal chain of three balls, well, welcome and boleedlinnye options.For fans play online 4 elements is a very good choice. This is not just a puzzle, but the game stselym plot. In the universe of the game there is the magic of the four species, or kakgovoryat, four elements. Neverland became a desert, and the need to return glavnomugeroyu summer and happiness in this region. To do neobhodimounichtozhit all obstacles to the good forces, and pass all levels etoyzamechatelnoy game. Besides the usual puzzles in the game you can find many iprosto secrets that will help her get through and achieve success for naimensheevremya. Defeat the forces of darkness is not easy. It uses magic and wit. Shrines should zanovopoluchit energy and be capable of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this mozhnone only play online, 4 cells are available for download and installation of the operating system, and then they will work even otsutstviipodklyucheniya to the Internet. This can be useful if a vasnenadezhnoe or unstable connection, or you do not want to spend the extra trafikna gameplay. In any case, the goal remains the same. Need to win and save the country before she turned into a scorched desert lishennuyuzhizni. And to achieve this, the player will have to work hard and try.

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Game 4 of the element. Play free online games, 4 elements.

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