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Modern world of computer entertainment is large and diverse. Gone are the days when the output of a limited number of games and played them all. Currently, there are hundreds of business vetom manufacturers, each of which tries naytisvoyu niche and fill it, to understand its single-minded focus audience.Having come to the game services, we can see that many games there are separated by category, depending of type of the proposed segment. For example, you can see such headings as games for 7 years, for girls, for boys, for adults, and many others. This is justified because it is obvious it is almost impossible to create a game that is fun for all at once. And at the same time, it is realistic to develop a computer game that will attract the full attention of a relatively small, but still rather big audience. These games will not claim to be universal, they will not be imposed on all, but it satisfies the tastes and needs of those for whom they were originally intended. For example, it will be for girls games, coloring books, which are usually the result can be printed. Or play dress up games, where there is a huge number of different types and manufacturers. And also set the corresponding puzzle games, arcade games and other toys. They will be a little violence, and they are perfect for the target audience.It is natural that there are games for boys, which also have their own characteristics, and are developed by programmers in their algorithms and plots. Are very different games designed for different age groups. This may be the game for 7 years for the girls who have to be very simple, colorful and have no violence. And games for the older girls. These games can be a lot harder and longer. Every age and every social stratum has its own characteristics, and without taking them into account can not create a complete product. Today's game makers, carefully examining their target audience and developing games based on their needs and wishes. In particular for young girls created a lot of games where there are their favorite dolls and heroes series. Devoted a lot of games Barbie doll. There are a whole series of them. In recent years a lot of games where there are Winx fairies, heroes of the famous children's cartoon series. There where there are Bratz dolls. A list of these characters can be continued. They are completely different, but they share one thing. They are very popular with girls and playing with them will always have a good, reliable and sustained success.

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