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Hello Kitty - known character of Japanese pop culture, a small white kitten. It came up in 1974, the company Sanrio. Brand Hello Kitty, was incorporated in 1976, is used as a brand for different products (cartoons, and gamesetc.) Available in a huge number of toys Hello Kitty - which are popular all over the world with the Internet became popular hello kitty games online that are available on many websites. These games do not require super computers, so they can be played on any computer or mobile device, you only need an internet connection. In this case, at any time online game kitty will brighten your free time. Kitten Kitty was invented Shintaro Tsudzini owner toy company Sanrio in 1974. At one point, he wanted to come up with a new character that will please everybody. As a result of long and laborious work (were painted different options that show up to the buyer to assess) appeared this hero. Now the brand «Hello Kitty» annually brings huge income. The first product, which has won great popularity among consumers, has become a regular wallet featuring a kitten. Before that sold postcards and other such trifles with the kitten, but they are of no avail. Every day, the popularity of Kitty grew, but by the end of the eightieth peaked, and sales began to fall slowly. Consumers are fed up with Kitty always the same and some alive. Always in the same position - looking at the viewer, while the body is turned sideways. Then Yuko Yamaguchi, designer of the company «Sanrio», decided to change her image. As a result, black outline was removed, and the kitten appears in different clothes and with a variety of objects in the legs. In time, Kitty a real family - mother, father, grandfather grandmother and sister Mimmi, with a bow on the right ear. Also, she has pets - domestic pig Shabliu, Charmmy Kitty kitty and hamster Sugar. An important character is a friend of Kitty - Chokoket. Usually in different stories Kitty gets along with Chokoketom and Mimmi. Did not pass this character and computer games. Many developers try to use it in their games, especially in the various children's games. You may want to play hello kitty games online, at this time there are many different sites offering the opportunity. But if you want to have on your computer this game, you only need to download it and then install it on your computer. No matter how you'll play the game kitty, online or downloaded to your computer, it is in any case give you a real pleasure.

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Games Hello Kitty. Play free online games, Hello Kitty.

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