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Every year, every day there are new computer games. There are new genres of which a few years ago we did not even think, but it still does not lose its popularity various games invented long ago. These games include many modern puzzles, and in particular the famous game Lines or Line. This game was invented by Russian programmers about twenty years ago and soon gained enormous popularity. In '98, she released her classic version, which is played up to our time. With the development of Internet access modern players have the opportunity to lines 98 to play online. Rules of the game simple. Need to build a chain of balls of the same color. If the chain is put in the required number of balls, they will disappear and the player will receive an extraordinary move. Despite the seeming simplicity of the rules, lines play very interesting. No wonder this game won millions of people on all continents of the world. In Russia, it is often called in Russian - line. And according to our fans to play online line, the same as Lines for foreigners. As already mentioned, the rules are relatively simple, but they can have a variety of options, such as the game ball line can explode with different number of chips in a row. Thus, in some versions of the game, the player can advance to see what color the ball will fall on the next move. In some embodiments, even pre-specified where these balls will fall out. All this makes the game exciting and popular. In this case, on each line, balls games bring a different number of points for the player depending on their number. In some games it is important to create a chain of the maximum number of balls, and in some it brings quite a bit of good in this game and the reception is usually quite enjoy. The game has spawned a lot of imitators. Currently, it is designed for all operating systems and can be regularly seen on mobile devices. Version of the game designed for smartphones, PDAs, netbooks and tablets. Sometimes this game called balls. On most sites between these names is not a fundamental difference and offer players at once in line to play ball online. This however, does not bother anyone. The fame of this game is very high and if an experienced player starts to play ball, the lines will not be online for it somehow fundamentally different. The essence of the game will be quite the same regardless of how the call the new version of the game.

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