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Among computer games are very popular genre of multiplayer online role-playing game. Or as it is abbreviated to write in English mmorpg. This is one of the most popular and interesting genres of modern online games have a huge number of followers and admirers. In the popular games of the genre of the game are always hundreds and even thousands of players interact with that create a unique flavor and makes these games so popular and fun for all. Thus, modern mmorpg online games are markedly different from the classic single-player role-playing game known since ancient times. Characters multiplayer options role play regularly interact with other characters. Of course, there are also computer controlled, but the main interest in these games is of course, the interaction with real live players. For every action you receive experience points and game currency. In the process of online MMORPG game, he gets regularly updated and new skills that help him to proceed. Very often in these games is the ability to create in-game clans, guilds or other important associations. Within the clan can be a hierarchy that helps the player in the passage of many gaming scenes and locations. Currently, mmorpg online games are available for free for a very large number of game servers. Each person can choose what is most suitable for him. Like all other online games, mmorpg have a very large number of species significantly different from each other. In some of them the player substantially interact with the world around him, and that built the entire plot of the game. In other games much more important communication and interaction with other players. With them he is fighting, trading, talking, studying. There are a lot of games where it is the main group fighting. The clan against clan, guild vs guild. Alone survive on very hard. Naturally, a very large number of massively multiplayer online role-playing games combine different genres and directions, but, as a rule, one of them is the main and most identifies the scene and the player's actions. However, in such games the player still has a very large degree of freedom, unthinkable in most other genres. Very often, it can act without regard to the recommended strategy and through the game focusing only on their desires, needs and opportunities. That is what attracts people.

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