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Worms - (worms) is a cult series of popular computer games. It has developed and released a British company. The very first part of the line have been to the users back in 1994. This game is a turn-based strategy, which combines elements of different genres. Game worms are significantly different from the representatives of turn-based strategy, but it can only partly be attributed to the genre, because in this game there is a strategic component, and are carried by one moves. Although a series of Worms is the most prominent representative of the branches turn-based games, which is used by its principles, first appeared in a rather old game Tank Wars. But in that game was very poor animation, and combat units were not moving, but the gameplay was the same as in the series of games Worms. At the very beginning of the game worms were designed for only one operating system. But over time, as the game became a huge popularity, it became possible to play Worms on almost all platforms. At this time, the game has the same popularity as in the beginning of its appearance. Now even worms can be played online, for this you do not need to download the game to your computer, you need only connect to the Internet and select a site where there is this game. Each day the number of sites offering online play Worms increases. There are special forums where we discuss games of this genre. At these forums, you can learn the secrets through the different levels. It also discusses various other issues, new updates and moreetc. Even once a year, the original Olympic Games, where they can engage all the fans of this fascinating and unusual game. This game is constantly improving, developers are constantly improving it. In addition to improved graphics, so does the sound. It becomes more realistic and exciting. This cartoon appeared in the game, starting with Worms-2 - this game worms have become more "fun", but the gameplay is not much interest added. After that series, with all the well-deserved and so popular, fell into stagnation - just pulling money out of their fans a variety of additions, extensions and modifications. But then everything changed. The game has a lot of weapons, so anyone can select the desired. Also necessary to consider that different oruzhieimeet various destructive. Therefore it is necessary to choose the weapons depending on the tasks. No matter how you'll play in the worms, online or install it to your computer, it is in any case you will take a real pleasure.

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Games Worms. Play free online games Worms.

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