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Akinator - online game, developed in 2007 by two French programmers. The player has to make a any character, with Akinator - the main character in the game, similar in appearance to the gin, it has to guess. Characters can perform real person or fictional characters from different works: tales, films, works, etc.etc. Need to think of any character that you like. Akinator will ask you a variety of leading questions: Your character speaks French?, "" Your character has a beard?"" "Your character is a politician?"And soetc. Then a little thought, you will answer gin. With the right answer to all his questions, Akinator, guess your character. Not surprisingly, in akinator want to play different people, all wondering if he can guess the selected character. If suddenly Akinator not be able to guess your character, you can make it to the database itself. But this rarely happens, it is almost always guess any character, which surprises a lot of players. As a result, when the answer guesses akianator, play want more to try to beat him. At this time, life, home Akinator, always busy - number of people willing to talk with the genie rises daily, and its capabilities are quite limited: the simultaneous game can carry no more than 1,200. Therefore it is not always possible to play akianator can be overloaded at the moment, and users will have to wait a while. Algorithm for finding the correct answer is easy - especially if you analyze the issues that it sets. It applies the principle of intellectual quiz titled "20 Questions" - think of a player is offered any object, and then ask 20 questions, but they can only answer "yes" or "no." Upon receipt of all responses, to be called the word which was think of. This quiz was at one time very popular. This game makes a strong enough impression: the question "How does this thing can know it?"Constantly spinning in my head. You can spend a lot of time, being in front of the monitor and play akinator, memory sorting Pokemon, robots, movie stars, politicians, and then wondering, "He guessed right again!". In addition to a conventional computer, play akinator from any mobile device (PDA, tablet netbook, and soetc.), You need only a connection to the Internet. Game Developer tried to combine it with a variety of operating systems. This will allow you at any time convenient for you to enjoy this unusual, yet highly addictive game.

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Games Akinator. Play free online games Akinator.

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