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Although not the rapid development of modern computer entertainment and gaming industry, many games by just a few decades ago, were not forgotten. There is still a lot of fans of Tetris game, balls, Lines, Bakugan and many others. But even among these games Arkanoid is one of the most distinguished and old. When is it available on the slot machines, and now you can play online in the breakout on the Internet. This game has a long pedigree. Can be considered a precursor of the game came on the game Pong machines for about forty years ago. In 1972, Pong was the first game has been gaining popularity of video games. It was a simple simulation of table tennis. Saw the ball on the screen on which the plane hit the racket, which moves vertically. You can play against a partner or against a gaming computer. The game has gained great popularity, and accordingly, will see its many and diverse role models. One of the most popular games can be considered Breakout. It was published only in 1976, more than thirty-five years ago. In this game, a flat racket moved not vertically, but horizontally, is the bottom of the screen. Control it can be special keys. In the upper part of the board were several rows of bricks. The ball flew over the field, hit the bricks, he broke it, and the player is going for points. After hitting the bricks, the ball reflected and fell down, the player had to have time to fight off his racket, as was done in the game table tennis. If the user did not have time to do it, he lost the bottom of life. When a player is knocked down a certain number of bricks and gained an agreed amount of points he received an additional life. This video game was a great success and attracted a lot of imitators. The most famous of which was the breakout game and released after about ten years, after the Breakout. Fundamentally, the gameplay is not different from the previous games, but it was so thoughtful, balanced elaborated that the word was used for the breakout game titles is all the games of this genre. In fact, of the game's name, the word has become the name of the whole genre of computer games. She still has a lot of fans, but with the advent of broadband Internet will always be willing to play Arkanoid online. Therefore, this game is a frequent guest on many game sites and services. This game is a good example of how a great idea to overcome the obstacles and years, and do not forget, even among the most fashionable and new products advertised.

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