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Most of the games available for play on the PC were originally created in the calculation are not computer capabilities. But it should be noted that there is a considerable amount of entertainment that existed before they began to be used in the computer world. Chess and checkers have been known for many years before humans first started thinking about the most of your computer. But of course, this is not the only game of this type. Famous game Balda is known for more than thirty years. Wrote about it in 1980. Then it was a board game and no one at that time and did not think the time comes and the game will become widespread and popular in the computer world. However, and most of the computer world was not there. Computers often called electronic computers and they were usually only in academia, research institutes, at least in government. But the world has changed. Computers, more and more. They became available the great mass of the population. A huge number of gaming and entertainment. And the old toys are already commonly processed by computer smoothly. Among them were playing noodle. When spread access to the Internet, the mass of fans the opportunity to the new version of an old toy bulldozer play online. If you are interested in online game noodle, you can play on most gaming sites that offer this toy among many other popular attractions. It belongs to the genre of intellectual games, and to win this toy does not need reaction and speed, and good thinking, resourcefulness and rich vocabulary. It does not matter whether you play online noodle or alone on his personal computer. To win you need to stretch their intellectual abilities, apply a good memory and imagination. The field on which the game is made up of twenty-five cells, enclosed in a square. Early in the game it is written word has five letters. Each player, for his turn, adds to the gaming floor of any letter so that you can read a new word, which was not there before. For every word the player gets points according to the number of its component letters. Accordingly, the winner is the one who gains the most points. Many sites allow you to play online for free Balde. and even more than that, they provide the ability to play Baldev without registration. In the case of game Balda we see that widespread computer does not makes you forget about the old proven intellectual games, known for a long time. And Balda is not an isolated example.

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Games Balda. Play free online games Balda.

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