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In our days there are so many computer games on popular animated TV series. The gaming industry does not want to part with the characters and to please the customer uses them in other forms. Produced dolls, toys, comics, books, and of course computer games. Therefore it is not surprising that after the success of the animated series Ben 10 game dedicated to him became very widely used in the Internet. It should be noted that in the game Ben 10 can play, even those who did not look very animated series. The plot is unique in many games, and it is understandable and accessible to every computer user. Sam series was first published in 2005, more than six years ago. The basis of it was based on the famous comic book and the story developed quite close to the famous story. The main character finds an alien device and becomes involved in an intergalactic battle for control of the universe. The fight last for quite a long time. After the first season of the new series was an animated film. In the future, when the respective games, which gave an opportunity for all fans of the animated series Ben 10 to play online. For fans to play ben 10 is the fact that it can be used as a single-player and multiplayer as a computer game. It all depends on the particular embodiment of this toy, user preferences and desires of the player. Fans of online play Ben 10 use more often as multiplayer games. But, as already mentioned, to play Ben 10 and it is quite possible in a single version. The game released not only for the home computer, but for numerous gaming consoles. Thus, the range of potentially covered by the players is very high. And while for many wanting to play ben 10 online like more than a single game on your computer, there is still a significant number of fans single player. Of course, if the online play, Ben 10 can be revealed in their very special options that are available to play in single player mode. But the single player has its own nuances. The series became the basis, almost the most exciting game, "Ben 10 Alien Force", was released recently, but already has his loyal and regular fans. That is why it has become one of the most common prototype Ben 10 games online. Topics of many computer games are constructed on this basis and that it is a basic point of reference set of side storylines in games. But at the same time have not been forgotten by the authors and other seasons of the film.

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