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Computer games on a particular sport has created a very large number. Perhaps there is no sport that would not have its counterpart in the world of computer entertainment. This can be said of many races, from which it was created just a huge number of games. Very fortunate to team sports, because there are a lot of games on football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and many other various games. Created a lot of simulation golf, tennis, cricket, and other similar activities. And of course, there is a huge amount of computer games on sports and martial arts. These games are widely available on computers and gaming consoles, and before that was very popular in the arcade. In this case, the services of the player to create all sorts of games - boxing, wrestling, coach, kickboxing and many easy fights without rules and restrictions. In this game of constantly releasing new and new issues of various fights and martial arts. There are a whole series of these computer massacre, some of them are quite a long time. Each new game usually has better graphics, new story elements and gameplay created noticeable change on the experience of past episodes. Accordingly, in these games are more and more going orienteering option of multiplayer games. In which does not have to fight against the computer, against a real opponent. What makes boxing game much more interesting, fun and exciting. In fact, dedicated to sports such as boxing, online games have always been recognized a lot more interesting than the usual single-player toy. Even in normal form is the essence of a boxing match in the struggle and confrontation, which is the best in the spirit of fights online. Naturally, many players are interested not only boxing, online games about other martial arts too popular. But boxing matches many players recognized the most entertaining, exciting and interesting. Therefore, they are the most popular in the class of combat sports.

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