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Strategic computer games have a fairly long history. The earliest of them were more than twenty years ago. By today's standards they were pretty primitive, but at the time they received a very great fame. Later began to appear more and more a series of computer games. Was created too many fantasy strategies, which was a struggle between the orcs, goblins, and other such characters. There was a lot of fantastic strategies. In these games, the action took place on another planet or in space. Was created and a very large number of historical policies. In these video games could fight real historical soldiers and act really existed once the state. In addition, a large number of strategic games mixed trend. As a rule, the first time was the most advanced single-player game in which the player fought against the computer. But in the future have been increasingly gaining popularity multiplayer strategy games. In these games, participated in two or more players who have fought against each other. At the same time, in many games, it was possible to make alliances between players engage in a joint struggle. But to play multiplayer games had to be near a few computers connected to cable, which could rarely be really at home. When he began to gain popularity online, many computer game were able to multiplayer games in the World Wide Web. But the first time it was available to very few people. However, as time passed, and boarding was available to almost everyone. Accordingly, the multi-strategy became available to almost everyone. But very often, it was difficult to synchronize games and gaming systems. All this caused a lot of problems, and to avoid them was created browser games online strategy. These games are different in that they work directly in the browser, there is no need to install anything on your computer. To start the game just need to dig a page with the game. In this online strategy browser games are good that all game updates occur directly on the server and the player always has the latest version of the game. He did not need to worry about vulnerabilities and dependencies. Great popularity these strategies have in social networks, where they are played by millions of people. There are both military and economic, and other types of strategic games. They all have their own characteristics and nuances that differ the game.

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