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Warcraft is one of the most famous PC series of all time. The very first game was created back in the early nineties, but has come more and more versions of these strategies. In addition, created a collectible card game, several board games, comic books and many other related products. There was a lot of souvenirs on this game, the appearance of this magazine about the world of Warcraft. It all started about twenty years ago, when the first game of the series, dedicated to the fight against the orcs people. Its sequel came out a year later, and update this second version of the games coming to the end of the last millennium. It was only in 2002 published her third version - Reign of Chaos. This was followed by a game Frozen Throne. Then came World of Warcraft. It was already multiplayer strategy. If previous games included in the main single player campaign and adventure alone, then the new version is the main thing was to play against players. That's when a lot of players started playing warcraft online. But this game is not limited to the usual strategy, it still has the elements and role-playing. Actual is a multiplayer strategy game with RPG elements. However, a mixture of strategic and role-playing games have always been a feature of this series. Even the very first game of the series is in fact is a mixture of two different genres. The action in it happened in the world of Azeroth. This is the planet that contains several continents. Describe them can be long, as has already published a number of books on this world. The main battle in this universe are taking place on this planet. Which has long been a subject of interest to a large number of fans and admirers of the game. This world has a long history. Once there lived a mysterious race, about which little is known. But the time came and defeated the Titans. However, their time has passed. Titans had to leave the planet leaving her other races, which were subsequently fight for control of the planet. The struggle between these groups and became the basis of the plot any further games in the series. Before there was the opportunity to play warcraft online, many users concentrated their efforts on a single transmission company and fighting the computer opponent. But with the opportunity for most people to use broadband internet, multiplayer battles come out on top. They now constitute the main interest, attracting a lot of players who come into the fight with each other.

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Warcraft games. Play free online games Warcraft.

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