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Recently, more and more characters are widely known for animated films become heroes games. This can be said of many animated series. And all this can be said about characters' Winx Club - Winx. The very first game Winx Club Winx appeared soon after this episode, only began to gain popularity. His first season tells the story of a girl named Bloom. She lived on the planet Earth in America and led the most ordinary life. But suddenly it turned out that she is a witch and her life changed dramatically. She found herself in a magical world where she began studying at the school of magic. There she made the acquaintance with his new friends. It was the beginning Fairy Muse, Thekla, Flora and Stella. As a result of their friendship came Winx Club gave its name to a variety of animated series and video games. As often happens, the game Winx Club Winx very diverse. Among them we can find a sufficiently serious toys that have multiple levels, episodes, locations and plot moves. But at the same time, there are many relatively simple toys on these popular heroines. It could be playing dress up. In which to collect the popular character to the prom, picnic, holiday celebration or just a walk. There are lots of puzzles with Winx fairies. Toy sets colorings, puzzles, toys and others. For fans of the animated series Winx Club Winx games have another opportunity to meet with their heroines and any experience with them a large number of different adventures. Protagonists fight against witches of Cloud Tower. Fight against the powerful enemy Valtora. And in the future is dealt with many other adventures. For fans of the show Winx Club Winx games will be easily recognizable. There they will see the familiar story and familiar characters. But this does not mean that the game Winx only available to those who watched the corresponding animated series. They can play any, even for people not familiar with the plot. Each game has its own logic understandable to any player. Since there are more seasons of this exciting animated series, there are also new game dedicated to his main character. Some of them work once all the main character, in others, only one of them, but they are very popular.

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Winx Games. Play free online games winx.

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