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Game dedicated to the fairies of Winx Winx created based on the famous cartoon series. In this series tells about the life and adventures girlfriends fairies, witches in school. Each season corresponds to one year of training at the school. The main heroine of the series - Bloom. She lives the life of an ordinary Earth girl, but suddenly finds out that she is a fairy and magic power. As a result, it falls into a magical world and begins to study in a school of magic. There she meets her new girlfriend and together they create the Winx Club. It is dedicated to him and many computer games of various genres. In particular, there are games Winx girls games, dress up games are games, puzzles, and games of other genres. In the first season are ancient enemies of the heroine of the Witches of Cloud Tower. They even get a great magical power and that is what sent all their efforts. They manage to deception to achieve their goals and pick up a Fire Dragon, but as a result of the witches are defeated and all ends well. In the second season to five girlfriends joins new fairy who will accompany them in all future adventures. She tries to save miniature feechek who keeps in captivity evil lord. He wants to get hold of a magic code that is stored in the school of fairies, but he did not succeed. Fairies from the Winx Club again defeat the enemy. But this is not the end of the adventure was the fairies from the Winx Club. They have to fight with all the stronger and more dangerous enemies and to apply for this new and new skills, which they were trained at the School of Sorceresses. In the fourth season of the action again transferred to the planet Earth. It turns out that Bloom does not last terrestrial fairy. And they need to find the last fairy, because she is in serious danger. That is where it gets a new level of magical power, and reaches its goal of saving the Earth's last fairy. For these serials created various games Winx: Action, Arcade, dress, puzzle, puzzle games and many more. But apart from the cartoon series created and full-length animated films. They bloom falls on the parents and the planet fights back there with evil. These films, in turn, became the basis for a variety of computer games, which have gained considerable popularity. New games are dedicated to the heroes of this exciting animated series and animated films coming out regularly. Manufacturers of computer games, are well aware that with these characters they will be provided with complete success. Multiple users want to meet with your favorite heroines.

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Winx Games rpg. Play free online games winx rpg.

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