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Winx Club is among the most popular animated TV series of our time. She has already published his four seasons and two feature films. Goes out and the fifth season of this exciting series, created comics and books. Produced a large number of toys and gifts with this cartoon characters. It creates a lot of computer games on his characters. The Internet is very popular Winx Games dress up in these games to choose clothes for the main character, which can be assembled to the prom, a gala evening, sporting events, or just for a walk. The plot of the story animated series girls Bloom, who is actually a princess of a distant kingdom, but in the beginning of the cartoon is nothing about this suspect and normal lives a simple life on Earth. She suddenly becomes aware of the presence of the magical dimension. About the unusual world of fairies and other magical creatures that she actually fairy. Once in the school, in which the fate of the sorceress, Bloom founded Winx Club - a group of fairies, consisting of her friends. Original series in Russian is called - Winx. But later he got accustomed to the world title. A magical world in this animated film is a multiple testing. It is magical, but the high-tech world, which is composed of many different planets inhabited by fairies, magical creatures and witches. In this world, there are not designed for real life, it was sent there all the most dangerous criminals where they must always be in limbo. The events of the first three seasons of the animated series has completed a full-length animated film. According to his story the main character falling on his home planet and search for their natural parents, to find out who she is. In the following have been removed and the other seasons of the series and filmed the new animated feature. Popular cartoon and based on it to games has meant that if the site contains games for girls, dress up Winx posted there necessarily. This however is not surprising, perhaps the most popular games Winx - Dress up, but it certainly does not mean that other games are forgotten and not interesting. Popular not only dress up games Winx, the Internet can find a lot of puzzle games on Winx, games, puzzles, games, coloring, and many other toys. All of them are in high demand, and game manufacturers regularly release new and new versions of them, which are constantly and regularly find new users and fans.

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