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Computer games have long divided the huge number of genres and subgenres. Once upon a single genre quest now has a number of branches, often consists of a relatively simple, but no less interesting puzzle. Such a sub-genre of computer games include those in which the player must find a way out of the room. They appeared about twenty years ago, for the term became popular later. Usually, the hero of the game is in a mysterious room from which he can not escape. In order to escape from the room he needs to find hidden objects and use them as necessary and appropriate to resolve all puzzle. If it is done correctly, the door opens and he has been released. Despite this, a simple and standard plot already created a lot of similar games, very different in focus and features. This game is relatively short-lived on the plot. Very often, they generally consist of a single episode. But at the same time, they created a huge number, and the player can always find what to play. That is why in these games play better online. Exit the room in such a case does not mean the end of fun, and will start a new game, which has its own nuances and peculiarities. The very first such game was called The Red Room. The player had to find thirteen subjects, which would open the way for him outside. Another well-known game of this genre was the Green Room. Get out of it was much more difficult, but at the same time interesting. Then there was also the Blue Room and the White Room. Each had its own characteristics and got their fans. Due to the fact that this genre is usually a huge number of relatively small games, most players prefer to play it online, out of the room quickly find only the one who has already had experience of the outputs of many such rooms in similar computer games. On the Internet you can find a large number of fans of this genre of games. There are even special sites devoted entirely to such riddles. Created special forums that discuss similar games. They can find a lot of users, because the genre quite well known, and his fans do not lose interest in it for a long time. Feature of these games is that the achievement of any modern computer technologies do not do old toys obsolete. They can play in our time, because these are not the main game graphics and special effects, and the atmosphere of secrecy and mystery that accompanies the best options like toys.

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