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During the existence and widespread computer games have appeared entire game series, some of which determined the face of entire genres and players will remember forever. Heroes of Might and Magic is one of those famous and legendary series, which has for several games, each of which is an extension of the previous one and always finds a permanent player. The predecessors of the game appeared in the early nineties, but then they were very different from what we are used to now see in this remarkable series. First, the game directly from this series appeared in 1995 and immediately gained popularity. Soon came the second part of the game, and then a third. In the third game of the series Heroes of Might and Magic played so far, despite the fact that it has more than fifteen years since its inception. The fourth part of the game came early in the third millennium, and has caused much controversy. Therefore, the fifth in this series came with the wishes of the many players and lacks many of the shortcomings of these games. Therefore, for many who love to play these games, the characters are one of the five pillars of the genre. The earliest versions of this series appeared when the Internet was developed relatively weak, and so was the main single-player game mode. But in the future more and more interest from players began to cause multiplayer mode. That he seemed to many the most interesenym and most exciting. In any case does not really matter what you're playing - Heroes 5, Heroes 3, or any other option. All these games have many similarities and the basics of playing in them are the same. Each player has at his disposal one or more characters and castles. Each character has their own unique abilities that can be usefully used in the travel and battles. Locks are managed by the player, you need to promote and protect. They are new warriors and fighters that are the foundation of the heroic army. Neighborhood of locks to control and use to search for and extraction of resources. Naturally, all this is try to make the enemy. Who is the best and most effective way to be able to do all this, you will win and end up winning, which is mined in battles and fighting among themselves. These games are actually one of the standard types of strategy games. Many new producers to create new toys guided on them. Many players compare it with other game characters. Despite the fact that the series has quite a respectable age to play it so far and will be playing for quite a long time.

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