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Of computer games have always been popular puzzle game. Many of them belong to the genre of so-called casual games. They do not have to go through a lot of learning the game, and you can play from time to time, when the fall free time. The variety of these toys is very high. In the puzzle game to play and love to children and adults. It is only necessary to find the puzzle itself on the forces, abilities and interests. In children are very common variety of puzzles in which you want to collect the desired image. They are likely to include, as already mentioned, to the children's game, but you can find puzzles for adults. Can be attributed to the puzzle and some short quests. For example, out of the room. In these games, the character gets into the room from which to choose. It is necessary to find all the items needed to escape and be able to use them properly. The genre has been around for about twenty years and is very popular. Because of the large variety, many users prefer puzzle games online. Among other things, this is due to "one-off" of many similar games. Passing it once, the second time to play totally uninteresting. Therefore there is no need to keep these games on your home computer, and there is the sense of playing on the internet every once in a whole new game. That is why to play online puzzle one of the best options. However, there are a lot of games you can play for a long time and many times. For example, among these puzzles are a series of three games in a row. These games need to build the same type of shape or color in a row, which explode, and in their place come new figures. The most common version of these games are the balls. That does not lose its popularity for many years. Thus, not necessarily to play puzzles online. They can have both on your home computer. Often, the services of the players offered a whole series of puzzle games united by the same name. They may include crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Mahjong and many other games. Feature of many of these puzzles is the unlimited number of choices of games. They regularly generated directly computer just before the game. Accordingly, these games can be played an infinite number of times. You can choose and the level of difficulty. Depending on the game experience. Some puzzles are widespread on computers trace their history back to ancient times. Others have already been created in the computer era. But all of them have a large number of fans and users.

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Puzzle game. Play free online games, Puzzle.

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