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Racing computer games appeared in almost forty years ago. The very first race took place in the computer space and conducted on a space ship. In the later games in the race to be the most exotic vehicles. Especially exotic could be racing in arcade games, often created on the basis of animated films, and do the vehicles in this case were fabulous and cartoonish. But there are quite realistic driving games. In these games, very good graphics. In the gameplay model real competition. Thus it is necessary to control an analogue of the real car. They present realistic physics, and management can be a complex process. Not surprisingly, it was race cars and have fun and popular. The gaming industry regularly produces new and new issues such games. Games race cars available for free from many game websites. There are a whole series of computer entertainment, some of them go for quite a long time. Each new game in the series usually has better graphics, new story elements and gameplay created noticeable change on the experience of past episodes. In this case, when the first race car games were mostly focused on single-player mode, since at the time broadband access to the Internet was underdeveloped. But the new game in the series, more and more focused on the new opportunities offered by widespread fast internet. Accordingly play race cars are more and more preferred in multiplayer mode. In which the game is not against the computer, against a real opponent. What makes the game much more interesting, fun and exciting. Like other online games, race cars can be quite diverse and have a variety of options. It can be off-road race cars. Or even race on tractors. Very popular and advanced racing sports cars. In Russia, a very popular race on the Soviet cars. However, this type of racing is good popularity abroad. Many of these games do not need to be downloaded to your home computer and install on your system. They run directly on the server. At the same time, it should be noted that there are more serious versions of racing games, which often can only work if you install the necessary working files on your personal computer.

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