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Computer games related to racing there more than thirty-nine years ago, in the early seventies of the last of the twentieth century. The authors do not dwell on a conventional car and used the computer for racing competitions variety vehicles. This could be and all-terrain vehicles and off-road vehicles and tractors, buses, and trucks. These games were on our concepts simple and primitive, but already at that time had great success and significant popularity. Played them on the then existing large computers, standing in computer centers. As personal computers was still almost was not. In the future, these games have become common on arcade machines. With the proliferation of home computers racing games appeared on them. And in our time, in a lot of them can be seen on the Internet. Quite naturally, appeared relatively exotic racing machines. And even the simple exercise equipment. In particular became popular racing games on skateboards. In doing so, these games are quite diverse. Among them we can find a variety of relatively simple arcade games. And you can find quite complex simulations to be quite a long time to master. Very often, the game racing skateboards readily available in today's Internet to play online. The player need only visit the site, find the page with the game, and you can start playing. At the same time, it should be noted that there are more serious versions of these games. In such cases, you may need to install the game on your computer. They can be single-player and multiplayer. Very often, the majority of these games has the ability to play on mobile devices. They can be set to their Pocket PC, Smartphone, planshentik, netbook. In this case, the game can always be at your disposal. It can be played at any time, if there is a desire. User in this case, absolutely not tied to a PC and can play while in transport, in line and in other situations. Naturally, the skateboard is not the only sports equipment, which has its own computer simulations. List all the other sports that are represented on modern computers just no opportunity. Their numbers are enormous. In this range of such games is growing. Sports computer games are updated regularly and delight users with new and new interesting features.

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