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When the first computer games devoted to racing, and that was more than thirty-nine years ago, in the early seventies of the last of the twentieth century, no one has thought of the children's games. Computers then were large and were only in computer centers. These games were played the programmers and a few guests. But times have changed. Racing games have become popular in the arcade. With the proliferation of PC racing games have appeared to them. These games were primitive by our standards, but they already had a great success and significant popularity. And in our time, in a lot of them can be seen on the Internet. Among these games are created and a lot of races for children. Since the installation of games on a personal computer often causes some difficulties, the Internet is highly popular children's game race online. They are located on the gaming web-sites fully operational and able to work regardless of the computer player. Like many other games for the children, the race is often made on the basis of animated films and TV series. In addition, they can see the heroes of comics, children's books and movies. Actually, there is such a popular children's character, who has no interest to manufacturers of computer games. In doing so, children's games are quite diverse. Among them we can find a variety of relatively simple arcade games, where there are quite conventional machines and vehicles. And in the process of playing them children often prefer to play on the fantastic, fairy and fantasy vehicles. It is only natural that most children's games online race include representatives exactly this subgenre. However, as we know, there are also more complex games for kids, racing them, it often takes on analogues of these vehicles. In these games, very good graphics, and gameplay are often modeled real competition. And in addition to our usual racing cars or sports cars, very popular race motorcycles, tractors, all terrain vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. In this new game in the series, more and more focused on the new opportunities provided by the wide distribution of fast Internet. It is often important in these is a multiplayer game mode. This gives a similar racing games of particular interest, driving the growth of their popularity. On many sites, there is a table top riders, which is updated regularly, according to the new results.

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