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The Dragon is a fantastic character who has a lot of interpretations. You can find movies and games, in which the dragons can be dangerous enemies, allies to act as mounts, to be the guardians of important artifacts and dragon age-old wisdom. Creators of games dragons involve almost any subjects. At this time, the dragons can be found in fantasy and science fiction in space subjects. In the space issues they are robotic and mechanical, are sentient race that inhabit a single planet or threatened act of an entire galaxy. In this case, the dragons are very popular among women writers ironic fantasy. It was there, to replace the normal echidna horse, which every now and then teasing mistress, the main character, came malicious dragon. This, you see, is much funnier. Dragons are a focus in the gaming industry. Game about dragons make a really exciting and vibrant. First, the genre of fantasy, is very popular. Besides, why invent new monsters, when there is a universal dragon. Settled down in the new and modern online games dragons of different cartoons. They are intended to attract an audience of children, for which dragons have long been not terrible thief princesses, and a kind, sweet, almost home baby animals. In general, it can be argued that the scope of the dragon in the game industry is not limited. In this connection, there are so many different game genres about dragons. In the first place, most likely, are shooters. Shooting at a terrible dragon or just shooting the dragon - the flames of his own mouth. There are many variations. They are in the depths of the internet, mostly are those who are already tired of the usual shooters and would like some exotic wraps for normal scheme. Virtual fights hold the second largest games about dragons. You can fight like a dragon, and with the enemy, while riding on a dragon. The action takes place in the air, so it becomes more fun. Especially interesting is that you need to learn to control both the dragon and its rider. There is also a large section of children's games, which serve as a pet dragon-tamogochi. There are dragon dress is very popular among girls with their uniqueness. Dragons game firmly taken its place among the great variety of games. Almost all gambling sites offer a huge range of games, so anyone can find the right option.

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