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Now a very popular game Heroes of Might and Magic, which has a huge following around the same number of fans used to be in the game - Worms. But modern gamers are unlikely to remember the game Worms, which united a gunfight and locks. This game is called herself katslz or simply locks. Game locks most resemble Worms - during game two locks should bombard each other, it was required to calculate flight of the projectile based on topography and wind. The main challenge for the player - quickly destroy the enemy castle, it was necessary to change the zone of fire, as even consisting of only a few pixels lock was a dangerous opponent. Games will be played in single-step mode and locks were static. But who played the game, they know what it was interesting and exciting. At this time, this kind of game are rare. Many office workers resentful boss often rounded up anger, making riots in enemy territory. Throwing in a castle, which is populated by figures of virtual characters, logs, rocks and even bombs. However, these games are not as simple and primitive as it seems at first sight. Try to destroy the castle with only one shot catapults, even when it is surrounded by barrels filled with gunpowder: design rather shaky, in many characters, so kill all of one time is unlikely you'll get. Since it requires to get to the weakest point of design, the right angle. Of course, modern man is difficult to achieve mastery of the old masters catapult, but persistent training and the computer will allow him at least to understand the complexity of this lesson. Gamers to play, the locks are offered completely different. Static and large structures, and frail plank house. The main goal - to get to the desired location, it is more reliable hiding place. This game is a fusion of ancient artillery simulator with a fairly modern games, which are characterized by the English word demolishn. Generated by the desire to kill the man on purpose. Since the modern world full of tolerance forbids him to show his feelings, except in virtual reality shooting range. Why people come off while playing these games. In this case, aggression begets our reality, where a lot of scoundrels, tyrants, colleagues and superiors. There are moments when there is a great desire to completely destroy something to get the debris piled boss, his secretary and damned annoying employees. Therefore, these games just help many people blow off steam.

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Game locks. Play free online games locks.

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