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All know the saying "My home - my castle!". This saying is completely true, any of us know that all ready, picking up a weapon, go to the defense of his home. And we are not only ready to defend your castle, but to destroy the enemy fortress, which fell the most sacred and dear. For all those who live according to these principles, created flash games castle defense. Of course, to perform this task will be difficult enough to play this game is very interesting because it captures its graphics, addictive, originality and plot development. Choosing different games of this genre, ranging strategy and tactics, every gamer can achieve amazing results: destroy the enemy fortress, defeated, charging a good mood! Many want to try your hand at an unusually interesting game defense of the castle. Flash games relating to the genre, with every day are becoming more popular. Therefore, manufacturers are constantly trying out new games or update existing ones. Who like online games, protection of the castle offers a great opportunity to become professionals in the choice of strategy and tactics. She will learn to be responsible for the acts and actions, because during the game a player depends only on the outcome of the match - be it right to make a defense of his fortress to you it does not know the bitterness of defeat, and tasted the sweetness of victory? Many sites offer everyone the opportunity to play in the protection of the castle without annoying registration, it allows you to completely forget about the waste of time, for the registration, simply start the game and vending can defend themselves by showing their skills in the possession of tactics and strategy! During the game, do not forget that the best defense, of course, is an attack! So do not let the enemy over the attack and win the more your home is a fortress! Themselves quickly attackers, it will stop him any desire to exercise their minds! Many sites contain special sections where there are games "Tower Defence". Among them is huge eraznoobrazie, so anyone can enjoy the game you like the Xia. Some modern games is defense base defense. Although kakzhetsya that these games are quite simple, but they are completely drawn into the gameplay the player. Outcome of the game is completely up to the player, as he has to choose how to protect and attack, and you can make use of various strategies. With the experience of a player begins to understand when to use a particular strategy to get the maximum effect from it.

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Game Defense of the castle. Play free online games Protect the castle.

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