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There are quite a simple game, but players are able to carry away a few hours in the game world. They are simple, however, give the player a goal that you want to reach, repeat the same action. In this process every time you need to make more jobs. And in some cases, the data is very complex task requiring the player to a particular intelligence. First the player starts to play the first level and cease to notice the time is already in the tenth level. One of the most interesting types of games are online games gold digger. Danae game is simple: you just need to run a special probe, pulling pieces of gold of different sizes. Each of them has a different value, and to do the job - collecting the required amount of money - A limited amount of time. In the transition to a new level, the rate increases and the conditions worsen. In some cases, only one bad throw results in a loss. Of course, you can miss, but better in a void, because the capture of the stone will cause you to lose a lot of time. Each new level in the game contains more obstacles and sometimes only enough time to accurately select the combination of casting probe. Sometimes games online gold digger carries player so that the passage of the necessary level of delayed for hours. Gold digger game to not only combine the simplicity of a kind, but also the need to use a logical approach. Quite often, many times a player has to play in order to determine the appropriate casts to help collect the necessary sum. Longitudinally game often does not allow even a small mistake. Therefore, clarity of movement and the ability to plan their actions create optimal balance, allowing players to be successful. Among the many office workers entire tournaments are held on a variety of games, but online games gold digger high demand. In some cases, these tournaments going on for a week, and all participants with elevated pressure of trying to get as much gold than their counterparts. Although, since the development of the game was a lot of years, it still continues to win new fans. Of course, the popularity of online games gold digger does not compare to the new games, but the game has a place in the games store. Many sites offer the opportunity to play this exciting game, you only need to choose the appropriate site. If desired, you can download it to your computer or any other mobile device (PDA, notebook, tablet, etc.etc.) And to play at your place.

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