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Living dead zombie "born" from the well-known Haitian Voodoo cult, they gave great prominence varied American horror films. Zombie - one of the most popular characters of the genre along with alien invaders, sophisticated serial killer, vampires and ghosts. Director uses human mystical horror of death and the unique talent of make-up artists that create a truly horrific images of half-decayed corpses, causing the audience to scream in the cinema when watching regular stories about any uprising from the graves of these heinous creatures. Zombies - a full character of American culture, sometimes refer to it with a certain sense of humor, making him a hero cartoons, comic books and computer games. Zombie Games for the time being made is not scary, but rather funny and ridiculous. The walking dead in most cases represent almost a caricature, exaggerating their awkward slow motion, a predatory grin and lifeless skin. So if you have a desire to tickle your nerves - online zombie games, most likely you will not do. But when you need a burst of adrenaline - the game data that is necessary. At this time, many of the sites offer a wealth of games involving the living dead in the special section "zombie shooter game." Since even in the film to a mass crowd of zombies attached courageous, invincible superhero, who, using a machete, a shotgun or ax, make sure save home town, village, or a planet from the terrible, carnivorous creatures. While playing online, zombies provide an opportunity for any player to try himself as this invincible hero. Developers of games use imagination in the process of creation - in the living dead can shoot a gun, crush cars and trucks, run from a catapult, and sod. And you can kill and old-fashioned, hand - a knife, a baseball bat or a firearm. As you can see, there is a huge variety of games, so anyone can find a suitable option. There is also a flash game about zombies skill and peculiar logic. For example, out of their heads to make three in a row. You can shoot a gun body zombies while to collect all the necessary prize items. They, of course, too, there is the demand. But the developers are well aware that the main audience of these games wants ordinary shooters. Of course, in the same game zombie 2 times you'll play, because in most cases they do not have a different passing options and an interesting plot. But the number of enemies that must be destroyed, sometimes in the thousands, so in a short period of time you will not be able to fully complete the game.

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