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At this time, many players began to play mind games Mind games online: attention, calm and discretion. In a wide-play space any tries to find something. Someone needs draining negativity and adrenaline in the virtual world. Of course, such a person will look for shooting to using the mouse to rid the world of mutants and monsters, which in his imagination become bothersome neighbor or picky boss. Other people like to solve a variety of contrary secrets or train attention. They, of course, will play quests with story for every taste. Here you can feel myself famous detective, of course if you happen to get used to the image of the character. In these games, a good description of the details is important, exciting plot and high-quality voice. Someone prefer a racer. And for him rest before the monitor is, the chair of a powerful high-speed racing car. Someone loves endless adventure games, where the character overcomes the various levels collecting coins and items. There is a certain category of players who are fully immersed in the simulation, with an amazing opportunity to build the perfect city, or nearly truly live a life that resembles a human. And of course there are those people who like to play mind games online. These online fun, of course, do not have such diversity as genres above. But even so loyal fans "mind games" is also available. If you look a little bit wider, it is safe to say that in any flash game, for all its simplicity, there is an intellectual element. Because you should always think. For example, playing a shooter, we have to analyze every situation is minimal strategy used by the opponent. The same can be said about the racing game. Collection of various items in the quest, or the solution of various game problem, depending on available items require attributive mental work. In any case, intellectual games online you offer a "brainstorming" is in its pure form, without entertaining and distracting prettiness. Ideally these games - ordinary puzzle where the main, not bright and unusual custom wrapper vzlyad flash designer and programmer, and the complexity and significance of the problem facing the player. For example, intellectual games of this plan is a board checkers or chess, bridge or poker card, games-quizzes, and a lot of other games that require logic to win, learning, strategy and of course, the ability to think.

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