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Card games have been known since the Middle Ages. Playing cards first appeared in eastern Asia. In Korea and China maps have become known in the twelfth century. In Europe, they came to the end of the fourteenth century. In Russia, came to prominence in the seventeenth century. The most important principle of virtually all known card games is a random arrangement of cards in a card deck. Adhere to the same principle and card games online. Only in this case does not have to play in a paper card, and electronic, drawn on a computer screen. In this case, the usual card games online correspond to the usual games we know in real life. Among them are games based on logical thinking and calculating player. Other varieties of card games often informally refer to commercial. But it is best known casino games, which is very important luck and chance. Commercial games are usually quite long, and can last for several hours. Often their goal - just take time. Casino card games is always fast, because their main goal - as fast as possible to win money, and as much as possible. In any case, card and board games online are known to all and have become part of modern internet culture. A huge number of sites provides card games online. Just a huge number of card games. Among them are well-known games such as poker, perhaps one of the most famous games. A lot of people are playing at cards. In games such as Macau and Pharaoh. In addition there are a number of relatively simple and card games, such as a fool or drunkard. It is quite natural that the card online games include a full range of these popular games. Different sites may offer games for free or play for money. It all depends on the player. Thus the card and board games online are very diverse. But of course, that there are not only online versions of these games. Many of them were for a long time, with all new face and new releases of such games. Each new game in the series usually has better graphics. At the same time, usually when the very first game in the computer cards were more focused on the single player mode, as output at low Internet penetration, the new card games are more and more focused on multiplayer mode. The game can go for real money, which gives it a special interest and realism. Therefore, a very large number of players prefer the options of games.

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