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Sontra game was developed by Konami exclusively for consoles Dendy, and made a lot of noise in 1980. Since ancient times, the popularity of the game has not waned, but only increases. At this time, this dynamic, exciting "shooter" is now available to play online. Dissent can play as a couple and a single person. In 1988 the famous video game company Konami has developed Contra. It was the first sign in a series related to the genre of run and gun and immediately left all competitors behind. Excellent graphics, addictive gameplay, optimally balanced soundtrack. This game has become a kind of standard for the genre. After the moment of its release all the products available on the market were systematically compared with her. Fans of the cult game still have nostalgic feelings. Great gift for them is to play contra online. It is the online mode, allows everybody to play this excellent game to almost any location where there is Internet connectivity. Is taken from the name of the game Contras. That so-called special groups of Nicaraguan bandits who supported the United States. The Japanese version of the game called Gryzor. Version of the game created for Europe called Probotector. The game graphics are so beautiful that even now she is admired. It is through these graphics player is immersed in a virtual world overgrown with green grass, with the splashing sea and the glittering stars of the night sky. The developers have worked very carefully on special effects, unique the background and the fact that each level was accompanied by appropriate music. In the story, you need to join the battle against the invaders from another planet as soldiers squad Contra. Go to eight levels, which vary in appearance and have different ways of going through. The first level is necessary to run left to right. The second level is required to pass all the corridors consistent basis. - The third is to jump on top of a sufficiently high cliff next to a waterfall. After successful completion of the next level, soldier meets a boss that they need to destroy. If you're going to play in dissent, know that it takes a long time. At your disposal a large arsenal (machine gun, rifle, laser flying blobs of flame) which allows you to pick the best weapons depending on the situation, there are also additional features. But with the experience, you will enjoy this exciting game.

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