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Among the most popular animated cartoon released recently is hard to miss a cartoon series "Kung Fu Panda." This American cartoon gathered a huge audience of spectators, most of whom loved the main character ever. So no surprise that it has become a popular and different products with the symbol of the protagonist - Po. And of course once the developers have tried to produce a variety of games Conf panda. Events are a popular cartoon in China. History tells the story of a bumbling fat panda named Po. Hero has a great desire to become a master of kung fu, but instead, he helped his father in the shop, which sells noodles. His life was changed when the famous teacher of Kung Fu - turtle Ugvey - reports that come selection Dragon Warrior. He must become the owner of the Dragon Scroll, which will give him great power, which helps to protect the Valley of Peace from possible evil forces. Like many urban dwellers, Panda goes to the ceremony to witness the choice of one of the so-called "Furious Five," which will be the Dragon Warrior. Members of this group: Crane, Tigress, Mantis, Viper and Monkey deserve all this honorable position. But for some strange coincidence, it becomes Dragon Warrior Po, who can not even fight! Furious Five with mentor Master Shifu try to get on to abandon the mission entrusted to him, but their efforts are in vain. So begins an interesting history by becoming the good fat into an invincible warrior kung-fu, who with the help of his friends to defend the world from the dark forces of evil. Watch for the extraordinary adventures of panda is interesting enough, but even more fun to take part in his self extraordinary adventures. For this there are games online panda confit, which are presented on many websites. Some of them allow you to take part in the training on to become an invincible warrior kung fu. In addition to martial arts training consists of various sports basketball, football. After all, these games help develop agility, strength and patience, these qualities are necessary for any good kung fu warrior. There is also a game of "dudes Kung Fu Panda", which must dress the main character in interesting outfits. If you have fully explored the game that education is the first part of the cartoon, you can start to play the same exciting game Kung Fu Panda 2, which is based on the story of the second part of the cartoon Kung Fu Panda.

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