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Quite often there are questions, the first - why people watch thrillers, horror, and similar to the film, and of course, the second - why kind of massacres, attract and attract many people? The question is only one answer - people are interested in watching movies and data to get unusual viewing experience. While in horror movies, much less bloody scenes than action-packed Hollywood blockbusters. Most likely, horror and suspense underscore that our everyday life is fairly calm and there is a certain measured. But people need to feel the adrenaline rush or stress test, which is why viewing these films, though briefly, but may bring this effect. Hollywood screenwriters and directors have long understood, fear plays a large role in the formation of certain intrigue to the storyline of the action. They began to use fear in large numbers, sometimes even forgetting that such a measure. But just do not forget that these films are not as works of art, but for improving the box office due to wanting to see these films. Law affects directly dependent on the amount of fear-mongering in the film and increase the collection of money from the rental. All those who wish to experience the thrill fans of thrillers and horror films fit a special category bloody online games. You thus do not need to spend money, because games are available at most sites without registration and completely free. On such sites collected a lot of bloody online games where you have to fight with the horrible reanimated zombies, bloodthirsty and alien monsters, poachers. Of course, in this category were always playing with pretty careless enough famous cartoon characters «Happy Tree Friends», it is created in the genre of black comedy and thriller. Almost all the bloody online games are reduced to carry out certain tasks, with a sadistic nature. In these games completely no intellectual component, however, they help the players relax after a busy day. These games can be, without the various negative effects, revenge stupid boss, bored with his neighbor, for what in real life necessarily follow different punishment. Of course, these games do not teach you something good and kind, to treat them as a tool to relieve tension and stress. And better not overreach, plenty of rest and you will not have this need to relieve stress.

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