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It is very difficult to understand modern moms how their daughters can receive the joy and pleasure of playing dolls. Technology steps forward are booming, that for 30 years the world has new features, which have recently been described in his science fiction stories as signs rather distant future. This futuristic spectacle sometimes completely cuts the ground from under his feet. You just imagine yourself: as a child my mother had a favorite doll - plastic, dull, in a simple dress and ugly hair color. This is due not to the fact that the producers wanted to create a doll-punk, and the fact that the toy Soviet industry produced mostly rare freaks. But this doll was a favorite. She was constantly with him taking a walk, planted at the table and tried to feed porridge for the company, along bedding in his bed, and of course singing it lullabies. And then watch as his daughter, being in front of the monitor asks her mother, showing her the picture: "Do you think Sue will this dress?". It is in this place too nostalgic for the past, people are beginning to broadcast on pathetically callousness that the iron box is a dead man began to replace his instincts and basic needs. But not really all that bad. It should be remembered that the computer offers us, a huge variety of new features. Popular games dolls are vibrant and diverse enough. And in terms of games and story - they, in the main, quite monotonous. Help choose a nice doll outfit, give her makeup and hairstyle. Such a huge selection of dolls in various online games, real life is available only daughter of multi-billionaire. Thus not only the dolls, however, and a variety of accessories. Cars, clothes, pets, interiors for the room, ornaments, cosmetics - dolls present in online games, there is everything and a little more. We have an opportunity to computerize their children and give them the opportunity to play a variety of online games has come too late. Their American and European peers had this opportunity a few years ago. Therefore, for the present post-Soviet children all the dolls Holly Hobbie, Bratz, Sue and Moxie novelty that there is nothing they do not compare. So do not forbid children to play various online games dolls, they will help your child develop. At this time, there are so many sites offering a variety of games, where your child will be able to choose the desired option.

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