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Many do not understand how you can manage to get lost in a simple maze? But this is really happening. In fact, the skills of orienteering and spatial thinking is not for everyone available. So the games are very popular mazes. Every person is different, and therefore it has a radically different types of thinking. Humanities horror recalls lessons of algebra and geometry in high school. Geek thinks that any human sciences should be excluded from the educational program. Battle poets and physicists take a long time. And the truth is somewhere in between. Neither geeks nor humanists not anything better to each other. Any cries of techies about their intellectual superiority instantly break any task in ancient languages ​​or structural linguistics. After all, the engineer can not do without the strength of materials, it is unrealistic difficult for scholars and humanities can not be a professional without a detailed study of the history of language, which would be the difficulty for his counterpart. This all happens because of the fact that each of us has some form of perception. For example, the artist sees the world in the form of different graphic images. A figure for him - just a loop. Humanist perceives reality diverse concepts. Figure, the picture - it's just the values ​​of some categories. For techies all surrounding perceived numbers and dependencies. For most people, all data types are mixed, but only one is dominant. Because you can not be a great linguist, having basic skills technician - logic. Just a normal engineer does not become a person with no spatial thinking and the ability to encode a group of certain items in the concept. That is one of the maze of complex spatial problems. Since being inside the maze, requires many skills - basic visualization, memory and spatial perception. To get out, you need not remember the false turns, and try to create in the mind map. Just so you can find the right path. But people who do not have these skills, there is a simple but effective rule called - usually the left hand. If you take the wall with his left hand, and then, without lifting it, to go over all the corridors and bending maze, you still end up having to leave. Labyrinth - it only has a large broken line termination at the output and input. Very different things in the computer world. A variety of games a little easier mazes real mystery, because you, in fact, provide a map of the maze. It only remains to find a way out of the maze in different games.

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