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The game of mahjong is known to many PC users. In fact it is just kind of patience that is laid out chips Chinese game of mahjong. These chips are used and popular in the east of gambling. In eastern variant is played by three players with dice. Rules are similar to poker. The game is very unpredictable random factor is present, the role of this factor, depending on the version used in the game rules can be as short and decisive. The player's goal - to collect maximum points, while collecting the most important combination of a number of bones. On as already mentioned. In the computer world, this is not extended version of the game, and solitaire on her motives. This game is almost always present in the operating system Linux. But you can find it on Vindouz. And many of her fans more love to play mahjong online for free. If you want to play mahjong online for free to find the appropriate gaming site. The game uses the standard set of chips to play mahjong. It usually contains one hundred forty-four knuckles of three types: suit as trump cards and flowers. They make the cards. In all there are more than a dozen "classic" versions, of which perhaps the best known, according to many users, is a variant of a "pyramid" or as it is sometimes called, the "turtle" - irregular layout of the five layers of chips. In this layout, each upper layer is laid in the center of the previous layer. Complexity analysis in the game of various forms of mahjong is markedly different. Known as a "flat" version of the computer solitaire. In this method a number of chips installed rectangular shapes in a single layer. Clean up in the game allowed two identical tiles. Depending on the required complexity is normally used boolshaya or smaller part of the standard set of chips for the game. On many sites you can play Mahjong for free online. However, usually there is present and a lot of other puzzles, accordingly, there is not only possible to play mahjong online for free, but also to other popular puzzle games to play without spending money. This does not necessarily in this game play. There are also more serious versions of these puzzles can often be operable only when you install the necessary files on your personal computer. Unlike games located on the conventional computer sites, in this case, it may be necessary possibility for adjustment of the operating system for the game.

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