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Plumber Mario - one of the most popular characters in the world of computer games. And not just games. There are comics and film dedicated to this wonderful character. As a mascot of Nintendo, Mario, is the most famous character in the history of computer video games, and his image is almost always associated with video games. Video games in which the actions of Mario, a few decades have passed since the time of its occurrence has sold more than two hundred and ten million. Devoted to Mario games are very diverse. Among them you can find arcade games, and racing, and all kinds of adventures. In one of the first games of this wonderful computer character main goal - to destroy the parasites. Mario and his brother Luigi can move left and right, and of course the jump. The basic method to attack enemies - jumping, hitting bottom hand gaming platform, on which the enemy is moving. If the attack is successful, then after such evil enemy attack rolls on his back and for a while it remains completely motionless. Need to have time to run to him and push out from the board level, while the computer opponent is not able to roll back and eventually get back on its feet. In case if it is possible to do this, the enemy completely and utterly out of order and can no longer prevent the game. He falls to the bottom edge of the game screen and, to judge by the emerging out of blue fountain splashing in the water dies. If this is not possible - only the enemy faster. If a player repeatedly inciting the enemy again and again does not have time to push it, the enemy is more faster, but this is the most limiting for his speed. There are many other similar games with this interesting character. Many online portals have the opportunity to play mario online for free. Very comfortable to play mario online for free, because it does not need to install or download anything to your computer. That is why are so popular Mario games online. However, it is possible in Mario games to play for free on their personal computer. Although some of the players is not as convenient as the web. So, for those who like to play mario online often preferable. However, it should be noted that playing a Mario game a variety of ways to a whole different game systems. And thanks in part to this fact, such a game and associated computer character was such a huge popularity, which can hardly match the popularity of some other character.

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