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Recently, a very well known computer game created based on the popular animated films. Appear less often computer games based on the game of art films, yet they exist in a great number. Famous trilogy Matrix spawned many similar games. As often happens toys differ markedly in genre and gameplay. In the first film of the cult trilogy clerk one company learns that the world is only a product of the computer program. But in reality on planet Earth has long been ruled by computers, which are grown on their own people on special plantations to be used as an energy source. But there are people opposed to a car, they are in the city, and to which computers have not yet been able to reach. The main character discovers that he is elected, and is trying to destroy the matrix. In the first game, created by the famous fantasy trilogy, the player must constantly perform tasks, while killing all enemies, applying for this unarmed combat and weapons. There are numerous combinations of keys for different playing techniques and strokes. The game has the ability to include a regime that for a period of time and slows down the game allows the player to do unusual actions. If the player for a while in the game matrix does not take damage, his health gradually restored automatically. Created and role-play in this fantastic story. In one of them the player appears as a man for a long time is in the matrix and finally got a chance to choose. After the first phase is to create a new computer game character, the user has a choice of two pills. In the future, he is given a free hand in the largest city. However, there are a lot of other games. In one of them for forty two levels recover all major episodes of the entire trilogy. Initially, the player controls the main character, which does not yet have super powers. But in the future, throughout the game character will be regularly learning new techniques and fighting techniques. Some of these skills are useful techniques used in the film. During the game, the player experiences a matrix of all the main characters in a fantastic trilogy. In this final game is markedly different from the final episodes of the film. It was created with the specific computer, in its plot and plan. Like the other games, the matrix has won many admirers.

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Matrix Games. Play free online games The Matrix.

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