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Medal of Honor's famous series of computer games mostly on the Second World War. The very first of this series of games, in the years of its release has been named one of the best games on the Second World War. And most of the first games of this popular game series focused on the Second World War. But in the new games published under this name the action is happening in our time in modern warfare. The very first game in the series came out on the game console. Later became popular PC games. A recent episode of the popular game has become so common in the Internet. Typically, these games represent a standard, and all the usual first-person shooter. During the action of the player moves on "corridor levels" while massively destroy all enemies along the way. Some game missions involve the passage of rescue captives, and conducting sabotage. In the games of the series Medal of Honor is not quite common in other games like the mission, as a result of this project has made very popular. In particular, some episodes include covert penetration of the protected territory of the enemy: The player is in enemy disguised German uniform, when luck is another's papers and nearly openly and freely moves on the enemy base. In some episodes of the game missions are riding in the fast military transport, which lead to the shooting. Most of the first game was famous primarily single-player game, but with the emergence and rapid spread of the Internet became popular multiplayer games. Nowadays you can easily find on the Web. Thus, and amateur players to play online Medal of Valor is readily available. In what is expected to release new versions of the popular game. It is expected that it would please the fans of individual companies. At the same time, fans of online play Medal of Honor should be like. The action of the story the latest versions of these games begins with the first days of the war taking place in Afghanistan in 2001. A squad of fighters from an elite squad performs important secret mission. The game will appeal to many fans of the old editions of the series. It is quite realistic and interesting. The entire single player campaign of the release of this exciting game is divided into three different acts. But it should be noted that each mission computer game flows quite smoothly to another, and sometimes it turns out that the player does not notice it. Each mission of the game in their own special and interesting for the players.

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Games Medal of Honor. Play free online games, Medal of Honor.

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