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Mickey Mouse - the famous cartoon character, one of the most popular in the world. He is one of the famous cartoon characters of Walt Disney and the world of pop culture in general. This character represents the anthropomorphic mouse. He first appeared on screen for more than eighty-four years ago. In the late twenties of the last of the twentieth century. Within a few years there were first comics with this popular character. A first computer game with him there more than twenty-nine years ago. Then they went on a rare yet it is no longer produced models of personal computers. These computer video games were primitive by our standards, but they already had a great success and significant popularity. Played them on the then existing models of computers. In the future, these games have become popular in the arcade. With the proliferation of PC racing games have appeared to them. And in our time, in a lot of them can be seen on the Internet. These games can be devoted to other popular cartoon characters of the cycle. But of course, the popularity of Mickey Mouse, playing with it the most popular. To see this, just go to the web site has online games, Mickey Mouse, there is one of the most popular characters. Accordingly, in our time, we can always find a site where there are dedicated to this hero as mikimaus games online or download them to your personal computer at home. Very often, many of these games has the ability to play on personal mobile devices. They can be set to their smartphone or netbook. In this case, computer video games will keep on hand. And never be forgotten favorite Mickey Mouse, playing with it will be available at any time of the day when a free moment falls. Mobile user in this case is absolutely not tied to your home computer and can play while away from home. Quite naturally, the appearance of this kind of games like online games, Mickey Mouse won them a place of honor is one of the most popular characters. However, as we have said, it may not only be mikimaus, online with other characters of the animated series are also present in large quantities in the modern Internet. Enumerate all of these popular and favorite characters is not necessary. They are well known, since it goes to the screen for so many decades. It is this feature that provides many computer games such success.

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