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Everyone knows the famous TV game, once in Russia called "The Golden One." Later it changed its name and became known as well as its foreign counterparts. Naturally, this game appeared in the IT world. At present, many game sites you can play various analogues of this game. They may differ slightly from each other, but the point in one of these games. In order for this TV game to earn three million rubles, you must correctly answer, without errors for fifteen issues of the various branches of human knowledge. Each question in the game has four different possible answers, of which only one answer is correct. In addition, each question in the game has a specific value. The more difficult question, the more money you can get for it. The game is a sum, usually called "non-flammable", which the player currently imposes itself. This amount of money will be a player in any case, even with a completely wrong answer to one of the following questions. At any point in the game the player can stop, stop playing and take the money. In the case of the first wrong answer winning player is reduced to a short reach up to this "non-combustible" amount, after which it ceases to participate in the game. Rules like computer games on the TV version. So in a game like a millionaire online Anyone can play. No need to learn anything, and nothing to learn. That's why the game how to become a millionaire and everyone can play. As already mentioned, the TV version of this popular game known around the world. Recently, a Ukrainian and a television version of the game. It uses an updated version of this game, the rules of which are slightly different from Russian. It simultaneously involved six players. The game is a knockout. If a player gives a wrong answer, he then completely out of the game, but the game does not start completely again - with a level of complexity where a player made a mistake, it will continue to the next participant. Each player has the right to pass the course once. He conveys the right answer to the question the next player, but he is a participant and can continue to play in the subsequent issues. The second player in this matter can not pass the course. Receives an Award parties responding to the most expensive issue. Obviously, the computer player can play different versions of the millionaire online play. And it will not necessarily be referred to as to be a millionaire, you can play the game with a different name, but with similar rules.

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Millionaire game. Play free online games, Millionaire.

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