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Tank simulator is one of the most popular products in the gaming industry.They are very popular along with platformers, shooters, fighting and racing, in some cases even exceed them.Of course, the reasons for this is difficult to determine.Most likely, this military hardware has some peculiar charm, against which are not interesting, sniper rifles and racing car.Tank - it is a powerful weapon which you can control.One thing to keep in the hands of even a perfect virtual Boomstick.And quite another to be the commander of the powerful military machine, which is the game you are struck by its significance and power.In connection with this release a game about tanks in large numbers.Among which we can find and simple, we can say in the spirit of the primitive tanks Battle City in different variations, but can also be found quite interesting and realistic that you'll take part in various battles.Game stands out about the tanks that take place during the second world war.The most popular game World of Tanks, which was created by Belarusian programmers.It in record time was able to win a lot of fans.Occupy it around the clock server to come together in a large-scale massacres of tank under the scheme of the Second World War - plus allies of the USSR against Nazi Germany.Not surprisingly, the teen world of tanks, many users want.The game World of Tanks is notable for its realism, so it all and love.Here, in contrast to most MMORPGs, you will not find a tank painted in pink daisy in a circle or uncertainties.The developers of this game carefully copied the existing models of combat vehicles that participated in the war.It even contains the models that were experimental.After all, the German multi-ton "mouse" - super-heavy model of the tank to get to the Maus armed German tank was too late.In the game, the model is the main tank of this branch of development.Also, the developers of the game managed to successfully keep the whole balance and it does not affect the historical truth.Of course the player on the T-34 opposing players on the powerful "Tiger" is a small chance, but the ability and desire may well cause significant damage to the enemy.Especially if it is in the team.That's exactly what happened during the battles of World War II.Only in the game chat lonely cries heard that Soviet tank better only because it Soviet.However, those who have to fight for real in this tank, not the monitor, would not have agreed with this statement.Play online world of tanks can be on many sites, this course must be a quality internet connection.

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