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At this time, the word "fashion" in a sense discredited.The reason for this is today's consumer society, it requires individuals to turn off emotions and logic, and to direct their enthusiasm for making a purchase.In large amounts, regardless of the need for and quality of the thing.In this regard, the creation of popular fashion designers that were created as a result of their unusual flight of imagination, constantly reinvented by mass culture, change, become cheaper and hypertrophied and hit the shelves shirpotrebnyh shops and market stalls.For example, this winter fashion boots are clumsy, ugly female silhouette.And in the summer - just loose pants breeches.However, very few people see or notice.Blind fashion slaves are ready to buy even the homely rag if the usual glossy magazine she has a label trendy and stylish.But you need to have your own style and taste in clothes, which at that time the person is not there.This style replaced the advertising, which constantly dictates what should be worn to avoid being branded as boring and old-fashioned.Of course, the easiest target of propaganda tastelessness are our children.All they really want to be like adults, and critical thinking does not allow them to critically evaluate what they saw them.To help her daughter to develop her own style and good taste, there are several methods.First, you need to role model in dress became her parents.Therefore, parents themselves do not have to get into blouses with different hearts and awful jeans.You just need to dress up perfectly, carefully and according to the situation.Over time, a child wakes up with a notice and you take an example.However, it should not impose her own taste.Better reasoned and calmly explain to the child why she was or that dress will not do.And, of course, to offer her a choice.There is another way - together with her daughter in the evening to sit down at the computer to play fashion games for girls.These games provide a great opportunity as an example to explain how to balance properly between different colors, how to choose shoes and jewelry, using the law of the place and time.Fashion games for girls online are a lot of different clothes from which your child can make up any kit.During the game, fix bugs child, give her advice, always ask her opinion on various outfits, but do not forget to speak and his.There will come a time, she gratefully remember those lessons and grow up to be getting compliments beautiful and stylish woman who does not suffer from bad taste.

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