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Of course, the economic game were never as popular as the strategy and shooters.Even before his quest far enough.The whole point is that the various simulations can not be attributed to the genre of games, where everything happens seamlessly and easily.The player must constantly monitor a large number of parameters, without losing sight of the vast economy.Most people who want to play in the regular game, relax the brain, and not to fall into the abyss of complex calculations, this option is not clear and far.They wish to play simple games that do not require too large infusion of time and effort.However, sometimes there is a desire to build your own city, to direct the night club or the store without going in with the administration of this complex cuisine such places.There to programmers thought, and not all are able to think the numbers.That's the way the human mind - to each his own.Therefore, for such people to develop the game, the main thrust of the responsibilities which the consultant or vendor.It does not require a lot of thinking and delve into the reward scheme.You just need to send the hero in various appropriate places where it needs to cater to the maximum number of customers.Fashion Boutique game - is one of these projects.The most popular game fashion boutique 2, you can play in the huge number of sites.Which has the ability to play two fashion boutique online or download this game to their personal computer.In these games, you have the opportunity to feel as a prime vendor boutique, has experienced all the difficulties and learn the nuances of his difficult profession.That during this visit the boutique, to respect the sellers working there, but do not fall for their unusual tricks.At the beginning of your boutique will have only a few fitting booths.In this case, any buyer has individual tastes, and the maximum profit will bring the kind of clothing that is in high demand.To choose the clothes do not need to navigate the contents of shelves.We need only the mouse to scroll options along, occasionally glancing at the consumer satisfaction index.When all the cells are filled - send the seller to the next customer.But it's not so simple.Your store has several departments - shoes, clothes, hats, gloves.For all must follow.The purchaser may at any time want to buy something else.The faster it you serve, the more quickly will the new one.And do not forget to clean up the booths, this game is like real life.Some people are not very accurate, so for them to be removed.Already, there is even a fashion boutique 3, online game in which you can connect to the internet on many sites, at any time convenient to you.

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Games Fashion Boutique. Play free online games, trendy boutique.

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