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Everyone knows that girls are quite anxious to toys.It would not have been keen on the boy recently purchased convertible, he would not carry it with you anywhere, put down next to her on the bed and try to spoon-feed him from the table.And for the girls their favorite dolls are the best of friends.Of course, many people think that "girl - the expectant mother," so she should play with dolls-mladeltsami, but in real life, girls are more interested in dolls in the likeness fashionista Bratz.Every modern girl wants to grow up as quickly as possible, to become his last in an exciting and vibrant world gatherings in cafes, riding a beautiful car, a visit to a beauty salon and shopping.That is the role model she provides modern society.In connection with this doll-children she did not like very much.It needs dolls girls, with girls should be glamorous.How do they look?Look at the top for the time being Moxie.It was that way with rich doll wardrobe and beautiful makeup will be the best friend for any modern girl.Moxie appeared on the market as a replacement for Bratz dolls are not manufactured anymore.She even visually similar to them, although they are seen as producers less bright and vulgar than its predecessor.Word Moxie - is slang expression which means courage.For all those who like a hollow plastic doll, fashion design of this quartet is not love, because looks pretty bold.Moxie dolls are named: Sasha, Sofina, Lex and Iver.When you look at them closely, they will definitely remind someone.No exact copy of the foreign and peculiar style and overall experience.Yes, like the heroines Moxie cult known series "Sex and the City."This is not surprising.At the time, while mom watches with interest the adventures of 4 New York friends, forgetting to make the sound of the TV is less than or check whether the child was asleep, the girls absorbed certain attitudes and patterns.And, in the absence of alternatives, they become in their eyes only right.All kits accompanying Moxie dolls have a lot of different elements that can play a variety of situations.With the development of the Internet, as you would expect games for girls Moxie came to enjoy great popularity because playing them did not need to purchase a different set for playing various scenes.It is only necessary to run the game and you have the all the possible elements for different game combinations.A huge number of different costumes, makeup, and even women's cars.Games for girls Moxie available on many sites, so you will not be too difficult to find the right option.

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Games Moxie. Play free online games, Moxie.

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