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Perhaps all those who have heard about the Games, just imagine the famous game "Monopoly."This game is probably the most popular board game in the economic world.If it were not, it could not stay on the market for 80 years.Let us try to understand what causes such a huge success of this game.Since the first days of the sale, "Monopoly" was the best-selling board game in the U.S..In a game of it, every player felt businessman who tried to purchase the rest before the most profitable assets to bankrupt rivals.She can play two or more people, that is what makes the game more interesting and exciting.But for different reasons, not always possible to find a partner to play "Monopoly".At this time, that's OK, because there were also various electronic version of the board game "Monopoly."Many sites provide an opportunity to play monopoly online.To do this, you do not need to download the game to your PC, you simply select a site where you can play monopoly online and everything.But before you begin the game, you need to get the core of its principles and rules.According to the above, the main goal of the game to create their economic empire that would bankrupt all other players.Online version of the game "Monopoly" as a normal version of the game board is made up of cells.Then, one by one, each dice, moving to the number of cells, which is equal to the number of the rolled on the dice.Existing cells can be divided into several types: Events and assets (businesses, valuables, etc.etc.).When a player lands on the cage of the asset, it is able to buy it, if the asset is acquired by another player and he has the necessary funds.Available on the field assets are divided into groups, usually consisting of 2-3 cells.The main task of the player - to acquire the assets of a group in order to increase their profits by building complexes and branches.In this case, when a player enters the cell with active opponent, he has to pay him some money, which is greatly increased if the assets improved to complexes or affiliates.As a result, the monopolist gets rich quick, the other players are going bankrupt.Quite often it happens that acquire the assets of one kind is not possible and they belong to different players.For this reason I allowed trade or exchange of assets between the various players.The game is made by a variety of cells, which are not assets, and events.Getting on these cells, the player can be arrested, and soetc.Thus, in a popular game, like monopoly play online is quite interesting and fun even with a computer.Therefore the version of the game Monopoly onlyan, you can play in a number of sites, is very popular among the various categories of users.

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Monopoly Games. Play free online games monopoly.

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