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Freed from the daily insecurity, as a kind of normal life, the man was in need of periodic releases adrenaline.And those who call themselves it can not and are not dangerous to its existence.So there were actually a horror film.They are specially designed to scare us.However, when viewing these films we are safe and away from the source of fear.The directors have a lot of horror to make an effort to really be interested spectators.The newest, most realistic special effects that depict in detail the scene of the massacre allow viewers to plunge fully into the movie's plot.Deliberate audio series makes shudder not only watching television at home, but in the cinema, where a large number of people.Optimally designed mounting frames tenfold increase from horror film viewed.And, of course, more and more monsters, maniacs, ghosts, mutants generated fantasy writers specifically for the viewer to get what he wants - fear.As expected, there was a subculture of horror downside.If something is very much afraid of a universal way to deal with that - laughter.In connection with this horror movie about the characters composing stories depict them in caricatures, remove enough caustic parody of the most famous examples of the genre of horror.It is a vicious circle.Person in connection with his desire to mass culture gave fear.At the same time grow into this fear in itself, and then, starting uncontrollably frightened stranger imagination invented, man was neutralized by irony and humor.Confirmation of this - a lot of online games, including a huge popular game monsters.For today's children and adult games about monsters doing a really interesting and attractive.It is not always, as in normal shooter, you must fight them.In some cases, the monsters need to grow, then to organize them fighting in the arena.Sometimes a player performs in the role of self-monster that crushes and destroys the city people.In some cases, the need to get away from the monsters, or to assist them in the implementation of games.In short, the game monsters will not let you get bored.If you are interested in the game, you can always find the right option, as there are many sites offering to play the game about the different monsters.If you want, you can play online games, and if you want, you can download them to your computer.

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