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Sea battle - the famous board game that is played, perhaps, everyone.It exists in the CBT.But it is interesting that there are several completely different computer games, called battleships, completely different gameplay.Older people remember the famous Soviet arcade machine "Battleship."In fact it was the unit is a specially designed device, usually simulates a torpedo attack from a submarine on the fast-moving naval targets, while accompanied by light and sound effects.This machine was designed for fun and relaxation of citizens, as well as development of their good eye and the required accuracy.It was one of the first slot machine ever made in the USSR.Not surprisingly, in our time, there are plenty of computer games created by its motives.They can be found on their gaming sites.At the same time, is well-known computer game that simulates the famous board game, often carried out on a sheet of plain paper.In this embodiment, a computer game to be destroyed ten ships of the enemy before will lose all of their own.There are lots of varieties of this popular toy.That's a similar principle are sea battles in the most popular online game admiral who is very popular among users of social networks.However, her other option is very popular on the Internet.Many gaming sites offer the opportunity to play in the sea battle online.For fans of the game, battleships and you can play online against a game program and against the right partner.Many of these games have both single and multiplayer options.While playing online Battleship can be colored with a variety of effects, which are often quite interesting.However, as online games sea battle appeared not so long ago.Previously, he often it's just a toy that is played on a home PC.In addition, there is a game Battleship, created based on the sci-fi film dedicated to the sea battle with aliens.This game came out recently, but has already gained popularity among players.It has its own individual characteristics due to the properties of the original source on which it was removed.Thus, it should be noted that there is quite a lot of varieties of games with this name much different from each other.

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Game of Battleship. Play free online games of Battleship.

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