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Musicians are some of the rich people who earn their talent and beauty.Available to them stand out a lot of money, and their bodies are insured for such huge sums that the ordinary man in the street may not earn as much for his entire life.They revere and love, many people want to reach such heights.What girl does not want to become a singer?A huge number of boys want to have their music band.But talent is not all there is.Of course, everyone should be able to play a musical instrument or singing.But find yourself in the shoes of all the stars want.At the same time, each of us having stayed in place star, understand that the music - it's hard work for the time being be in place star simply because there are computer games music.While fans of various musical genres want to learn to do all the things for which they adore their idols.Many people try to play the guitar, some singing and then post their mediocre record in the network.Quite often, these people are ridiculed, then they are currently closed.However, the game industry has come up with a reliable way to try myself in the music, not at the risk of being disgraced.This musical play online.Go online, you can find a lot of games that will give you the opportunity to sing their favorite songs, play a musical instrument, or spend the day in the body you like a star.There are games in the world, and heaped more music games.For example, the Guitar Hero game that allows to plunge into the wonderful world of rock music.Become a bassist, guitarist and drummer of their own group, to go step by step all the steps of the road and become a real star.And in the final, being a ruse personal agent battle with Satan for the right to become a Guitar Hero.- All in a homelike atmosphere.Management easier - six keys on the keyboard and a mouse.However, the game is far from simple.Since the highest level of each of the six buttons is not just to meet the required string, but is a definite chord of the song.A song in the game contain many chords!Songs known group Dragonfors generally so complicated that all played them at the maximum number of points immediately get into the Guinness Book of Records!But newcomers to the game can turn off the string.After training for an hour to play the four strings can absolutely anyone.Similar versions of the game, only easier, there are also online in the online mode.Music Games for Girls - are a special genre.Singing butterflies, pigs, fairies and colorful forest orchestras - not the entire list of similar games.

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